Red Berries

Only week two of school and my alarm didn't go off, woke up with a jolt from a dream about a book broken in half, got us ready within ten minutes, only a bit late, the gate still open. What a strange day. Feels so cold in the house.

Just finished another autumn brooch. This is a fairly large one and has those many colours that are just beginning to magically appear. Still plenty of green left. And those red berries punctuating it. Planted like kisses on the season's forehead.

In the shop on Wednesday.


A Drop of Honey

Yesterday, the Sun entered the sign of Libra which means the equinox, the moment of day-night balance. Today the Moon in the sky looks like a perfect half, half-way beween full and new. For a while I've been noticing the moments of balance, that seem so fragile, and wondering if a more rubust balance is possible and what that would mean.

Anyway, to wrap up the Virgo season of harvesting, here's a Honeycomb necklace. It is full of condensed summer sunshine, dilligently preserved, sensibly organized into practical small cells, pure, natural and unassumingly clever.

The chain at the back ends in a short tail decorated with a single drop of honey.

In the shop on Saturday.


On Her Way

...to school, in that September morning light. Good luck, A.


The Rusty Gates of Autumn

We stand at the gates of autumn. There are more browns and dark oranges in the garden. Spiders and wasps. Honey and apples.

Here's a brooch born of that sort of mood. It's rusty brown with some paler colour showing through and smocked in a dense wavy pattern in mellow, autumn colours with added beads. Some are velvety dark amber and a few sparkle in gold as they catch the light.

In the shop on Thursday.


Blue Blossom

I've just added a new blossom necklace in the shop.

It's a busy time of many changes here as A. is starting school this September. The latest threshold to cross, the path carries on...



between light and shadow. between 'is' and 'isn't'.


Summer's End

The Sun is at the very end of Leo and the summer's coming to an end. I've been away for a while and only coming back I realized how much I missed my beloved garden. The sunny calendulas, the smell of herbs, the texture of the path...

The eldeberries are slowly turning purple in the trees and I used the frozen ones from last year to dye silk for a new pomegranate necklace. To celebrate the season of ripening. It's in the shop now.


Midsummer Night

I stood outside late last night and the sky was still light with wispy clouds and bright stars, the flowers in the garden darkened but visible. These two feathers are the colour of such a night that touches the earth just lightly and briefly.

In the shop soon.


Red Poppy

Until Monday the shipping is on me - secret code REDPOPPY. Then I'm closing down the shop for a couple of weeks while I'm away.



Here they are: three necklaces and a pair of earrings. Some are warm-toned but there is also a darker, night blooming variety. Something about them really reminds me of blossom - the way the petals splay and tumble nonchalantly and give delicately under the touch.

I'm listing them in the shop later today because I'm going away for the weekend. And then from the end of May I'll be gone for several weeks visiting family so these may be the last for a while.